About three months after I started this photography business, I shot some photos for a local play that ended up in a local magazine called BSCENE. I was so excited that photos I shot were being printed in a magazine that I went straight to my website, created a blog section, and immediately wrote about it (though that website is no longer with us, so that particular blog entry is gone!). Even though the two photos that ended up in the magazine were only about the size of a wallet photo, I was so very proud.

Back then, if you had told me that I'd be shooting the cover of the same magazine about a year later, I would have declared you the mayor of crazy town. But this month I shot the cover story and a fashion shoot (I will write about the fashion shoot in a future blog entry, but if you can't wait to see them, check them out in the BSCENE digital issue).

It may not be the best photo I've ever shot, but shooting this month's cover of BSCENE is an honor for more than just having my photo on the cover. It's an achievement. It is one step closer to the photographers who I look up to the most. It is one step closer to being the photographer I want to be one day. I'm excited for what lies ahead.

So instead of talking about myself the entire time, I feel like I should tell you to read the article and support these two people on their journey. The work they do with these puppies is super important! Until next time everyone!

BSCENE Puppies 11