Ashley & Justin

On 1-31-15, I shot a very special wedding.

It was just because it was my first wedding of the year, but also because this is the first couple who hired me as "David C. Allen Photography." Before I started my photography business, I ran another photography business with a partner. After we parted ways and she took the business, I was left with no wedding portfolio. As you can imagine, this made my life as a photographer quite difficult because most brides (aka all brides) want to see previous work before they consider hiring you.

After 3 months of outreach and marketing and advertising, along came Justin and Ashley. Sure they were friends of friends, but I was so thankful that someone out there wanted to hire me for their wedding. I felt like my months of work were finally paying off. I met them at a coffee place in Tyler and I immediately felt very comfortable with them and their wedding photography needs. After showing them my very small portfolio, they decided to hire me. I remember walking away from that coffee house very ecstatic that someone out there hired me for their wedding, and I did it all on my own!

The Wedding

While the preparations and reception were held at the Cascades in Tyler, the ceremony was held at Lifepoint Fellowship Church. Justin & Ashley's wedding was definitely higher in energy than any other wedding I had ever been to (They also win for the wedding with the most guacamole I have ever seen). There were people dancing from the moment the reception started until it ended! They have an indescribable connection and I wish them the very best on their lifelong journey together.  Congrats Ashley & Justin!

Ashley & Justin Wedding (Online Versions) (12).jpg