The Proposal

Michael & Valerie

So if you know me, then you probably know I don't have a ton of friends. Sure I know a lot of people and I have conversations when I see them, but there are few people I call/text on a regular basis. One of those people is my buddy Michael. And I recently was honored to shoot photos of his proposal to his girlfriend.

Michael & I

Michael and I were classmates in high school. Notice I didn't say friends, because honestly, we weren't friends. We knew each other, but never really made it a point to hang out or anything. But after high school we started hanging out and then eventually we became roommates. And ever since then we've been buds. We have lived in several different places together, helped each other out through breakups together, and (most importantly) play online video games together!

Michael & Val

And then a couple years back, Michael met Valerie at work. As they grew close, I had to help convince Michael that she was definitely flirting with him and that she wanted to be more than friends (I think he also knew, but didn't want to admit it because he feared getting his hopes up) Anyway, he finally worked up the courage to ask her out and they've been dating ever since. This section is shorter because I don't know as much of their history as my own history haha!

the proposal

Well recently, Michael informs me of his plans to propose to Valerie. And of course when he asked me to shoot photos of the proposal, I accepted! No matter what the plan is, if I get to lie to Valerie about something... I'm in! (just kidding... but serious at the same time) Well, as we work out the details, we figure that he wanted to propose to her at the same location he used to take her to when they first started dating, which happens to be at Lake Tyler. He wants her family to be there because Valerie is very close with her family. So they will pop out and surprise her right after he places the ring on her finger.

A few days before, we start panicking a bit because the weather says that it will rain. And then the day before it says it will rain AND thunderstorm! We start making plans to move the proposal to the next day, but then her family wouldn't be able to attend so we end up risking it. And it paid off handsomely because, while it did rain most of the day, the weather cleared up just long enough for him to ask the question and get some pictures. (It rained HARD again during dinner that evening!)

Anyway, overall everything was successful (especially since she said yes!) Take a look through the photos and enjoy! Congrats Michael and Valerie on your engagement and I look forward to shooting photos at your wedding!

(Unless my secret plan to steal Michael away from you works out...)

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