Merry Margaret

Sorry it's been so long since my last post! I just recently began taking classes at UTTyler and this semester was pretty killer! After writing reports practically every week, it left me with very little energy/motivation to write blog posts!

Anyway, I recently finished a shoot with my good friend MerryMargaret and the results turned out pretty sweet! But this shoot wasn't without its challenges.

First of all, the shoot was supposed to take place during the day in the sunlight. Well unfortunately, with both of our busy schedules we have to plan way ahead of time. And the weather that day was very muggy and awful. As a result, we decided to just shoot some photos inside of the apartment.

So, during the shoot, I decided that it would be cool to incorporate some fog into the photos. Well, as you know, fog is basically the same thing as smoke, and there are certain devices located within homes that are designed to alert you when there is too much smoke in the house. And, in some apartments, these devices are linked to the entire building so everyone can be alerted that there is a problem.

Well, as you can guess, the fog in my apartment set off the alarm for the entire building and I had to contact the fire department to have them reset it. It was funny, but also super embarrassing. Luckily MerryMargaret was super cool with what was happening and we were able to finish up the shoot. I'm still working on the rest of them, but here are the first three photos!