Those of you who know me, also know that I'm a student of chemistry at the University of Texas at Tyler. While I love school, it does cause me to be a bit busier than most people, so things like keeping this blog up to date kind of fall on the back burner. I'm far more active on instagram though, so feel free to check that out and follow me there! But I'm going to try and be better about coming back to this blog and update. Eventually one day when I can focus on photography full time, I want this blog to also be a place for aspiring photographers to come and learn!

But anyway, I just want to show people out there I'm still active and being a photographer person!

I was out shooting engagement photos with some clients and saw a cat. I love cats. But then when I got closer, I saw KITTENS! They all ran away under a building, but one of them was brave enough to stay close to the edge of the building and let me grab a quick snap of it!

So CUTE! I love animals.... sorry not sorry.

Anyway, that's all for now!