New Editing Style

This is the popular faded style I’m referring to. This was created using a popular preset I purchased in the past.

I recently applied to be a recommended photographer at junebug. It’s a neat website that features the best vendors in an area. I was declined, stating that my editing did not look consistent enough. It’s a harsh critique, but fair. Let me explain.

So there is this editing style that is really popular right now. You’ve likely seen what I’m talking about. Personally, while it can look really nice, it’s very trendy and I fear that in a few decades it will look very outdated. This is why I’ve stuck with very bold editing, because I feel like it’s very timeless. However, one of the main issues with this style of editing is how difficult it can be to make your editing look cohesive among all of the photos. So editing a wedding is always a challenge because I want all of the photos look like they belong together, but lighting and scenery can drastically alter the overall look of a photo. And, as you probably know, many weddings are a blend of many different locations and scenery.

I created this new style using the previously mentioned preset, but then heavily tweaking it to create this new style!

However, I am always experimenting with new editing styles, and I recently discovered that if I blend my bold style with the more trendy tones, then something amazing happens. I have something that I feel is still timeless, yet also helps all of my photos look like they belong together. This is extremely helpful because I’m working on website redesign, and the biggest hurdle was making my portfolio match much better.

I’m aware that the average person will likely not care too much about something like this, but it was a huge milestone for me. I’ve been self conscious about the lack of cohesion in my editing for quite some time. This is a huge weight off my shoulders, and should even improve my editing speed with weddings. I’m looking forward to scheduling more weddings this year and trying this out!

Keep an eye out for that new website redesign launching soon!