Card 53

Some really cool dudes recently asked me to help them out with a promotional photo shoot. They are part of a group called Card53. They are a local improv group that has been touring for 7+ years and I have personally seen their show a few times. They are phenomenal.

So naturally I was very excited at the idea of shooting for these dudes. We managed to secure a shooting location at Liberty Theater. We did plan to shoot some photos outside as well, but unfortunately the weather in East Texas decided not to cooperate, so we were forced to move the entire shoot indoors. These guys were mega cool with the whole procedure and it was likely the funniest shoot I've ever participated in. Who would have thought that an improv group would be funny and able to banter properly.

Anyway, here are some of the photos from the shoot! Please also take a moment to check out Card 53 and Liberty Theater.