Heather and Brant

On March 5th I shot a very special wedding. It was my first wedding to shoot at Villa di Felicita. It was also probably the shortest ceremony I've ever shot!

So what people may not realize is that when I meet a client for a pre-wedding consultation, I'm not only being "interviewed" for a job, but I'm also deciding if I want to accept the job. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I meet people who I don't really feel a good connection with and I'll recommend them to another photographer.

Why am I writing about all of this? Well I got to meet Heather and Brant at The Foundry Coffee House a few months back and almost instantly decided that I wanted to work with them! It usually takes me a few minutes to the entire meeting before I make my decision, but they had such a good positive energy that it took almost no time at all.

So anyway, I'll stop talking and get to the photos. Congrats Heather and Brant! Your wedding was awesome and I loved the venue you chose!