Danie & Anthony

What A Gorgeous Day!

Wow this Sunday was a blast! I am just recently starting to shoot more weddings in Austin and I couldn’t be happier with these first few.

Danie and Anthony were such a lovely couple to work with. So relaxed and laid back, the ideal clients in my opinion. Here are some of the images from the wedding. I can’t wait to look through these more and get the rest of them edited!

First Dance
Wedding Couple's Photo

Not All Shoots Go As Planned

So here’s the thing, not every shoot goes as planned. Shocking news am I right!? The day of Amanda and Steve’s shoot started out with me finding out that my car had been towed. Super fun times there. It wasn’t supposed to be towed, because I had the parking sticker, but it was the old sticker before they updated. I was told it would be fine, and there was no need to update. However, I guess the towing company had some different plans for me.

After I retrieved my car, I run back home and pack my gear. Only then do I realize that I don’t have my camera charger. It was probably lost at the wedding I had shot the weekend before, but I hadn’t realized because I have plenty of batteries and was just swapping them all out. Well, of course, every battery I owned was now completely dead. So I set out to a Best Buy to purchase a new charger. I worked at Best Buy back in the day, so I knew they carried chargers. Well I guess between when I worked at Best Buy, and now, they have gutted their camera departments. I spent two hours driving between different stores looking for any kind of camera charger. Finally, the third Best Buy in the area had one left in stock (and they’ll likely just not buy any more now).

So that struggle was out of the way, but now I was running super late and was worried about rush hour traffic, because the shoot was located about 3 hour drive away. I called Amanda, and wow she was so understanding. She had every right to be upset, yet, was very calm and encouraged me to just get there safely and we would figure everything out. So, yes, while traffic turned it into a 4 hour drive, I was determined to get some good photos with our short time together!

And, wow, did we ever! We only had time for about an hour of shooting in one location, but the photos just turned out so good. She had the excellent idea of shooting on a pedestrian bridge in Dallas. I’ll shut up and get to the photos. I was just blown away with how so many things could go wrong and yet still end up with some excellent shots!


A few weeks back, I had that pleasure of working with Amber Chaffin on her bridal photos. When you first meet Amber, she is very shy and reserved. However, after working with her for a couple hours during her bridal shoot, I learned that she just needs some time to get comfortable. She was very focused and easy to work with that day!

One of the things I loved about working with Amber is how comfortable she was telling me what she wanted, and also if she didn't like a photo that I shot. My feelings do not get hurt easily, and my main goal is to help deliver a product she loves. So if there was a photo she did not like, she was willing to let me know, which is something not all brides do unfortunately. This helped us work together and create images that she and her family will cherish forever!

Tatiana & Tristan

As a child, my father's side of the family was very close. I knew all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles very well. However, as with most families, time caused us to drift apart. Most of my family moved away and started living their own lives.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all. I feel like relationships with people should always be treated as temporary. Because most of them are, and that makes them even more special. This is why I was so excited to shoot my cousin Tatiana's wedding. We haven't reconnected (other than on social media) in over ten years. While I had very little time to catch up with her in between shooting the wedding photos, it was very refreshing to see how happy and excited she was to get married! 

Enjoy the photos!

Tatiana & Tristan Wedding Blog

Lauren & Kody

Because I'm finishing up my degree in chemistry, I don't usually advertise my ability to travel very much. I will definitely do it though, but because of my lack of outreach, I don't do it often!

However when Lauren & Kody approached me at a local wedding show, I knew I just had to shoot their wedding. We just immediately hit it off, and I could sense the strong connection they had with each other, even through all of the overwhelming stress that comes with wedding planning. I feel like wedding planning is the first major test in a relationship. If you can handle that, then there is little you ca't handle together!!!

Lucky for me, they hired me to shoot their wedding at the absolutely gorgeous Inspiring Oaks Ranch in Wimberley, TX. Let me just say something, wow at that place! You get to stay at this really nice house in what feels like the middle of nowhere surrounded by hills and trees. They had an excellent ceremony spot and and an equally amazing reception spot. They didn't pay me to say this hehe, I just loved it!

Anyway, I loved shooting this wedding! The weather and lighting were perfect. Lauren and Kody were obviously deeply in love. The ceremony was perfect. And the reception? I swear they hacked my spotify playlist and copied my favorite songs! haha

Okay I'll stop talking and get to the photos now! Enjoy!!!!

Lauren & Kody Website-38.jpg
Lauren & Kody Website-42.jpg

Heather and Brant

On March 5th I shot a very special wedding. It was my first wedding to shoot at Villa di Felicita. It was also probably the shortest ceremony I've ever shot!

So what people may not realize is that when I meet a client for a pre-wedding consultation, I'm not only being "interviewed" for a job, but I'm also deciding if I want to accept the job. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I meet people who I don't really feel a good connection with and I'll recommend them to another photographer.

Why am I writing about all of this? Well I got to meet Heather and Brant at The Foundry Coffee House a few months back and almost instantly decided that I wanted to work with them! It usually takes me a few minutes to the entire meeting before I make my decision, but they had such a good positive energy that it took almost no time at all.

So anyway, I'll stop talking and get to the photos. Congrats Heather and Brant! Your wedding was awesome and I loved the venue you chose!